About the Module

Welcome to the Mahogany Legacy Project! The course is designed to discuss and explore some of the current and historical systemic and institutional barriers associated with racism and how it influences many of the negative socioeconomic challenges for African Americans today. The course content is beneficial for organizations seeking to improve DEI programming, small businesses and government agencies interested in enacting the numerous recommendations, and individuals seeking to learn more about these factors. The overall scope of the course is to answer the central question posed by the project, “What would the Civil Rights leaders in the past attempt to address today if they were still alive?” Their efforts encompassed the most basic of socioeconomic rights and equalities during the Civil Rights era. The content for this course addresses areas such as educational attainment gaps, healthcare quality outcomes, healthcare disparities, mental health, HBCUs, homeownership, economic mobility, macro and microeconomics, social justice, employment, and entrepreneurship.

The course consists of Module 3, The Progressive Change of Education, of The Mahogany Legacy Project (MLP). Learning objectives are as follows:

  • Identify proper resources as it relates to chronic kidney disease, mental health treatment for individuals and family members. 
  • Provide benchmarked quality of education regardless of wealth immobility. 
  • Develop and nurture environments of stimulation and exposure improve social change outcomes. 

Dr. Terrence Duncan

Dr. Terrence Duncan holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Walden University and an MBA from Park University. Demonstrating a commitment towards leadership, human resources, project management, and leadership, Dr. Duncan has published in numerous academic journals and international publications and served as a panelist for several esteemed academic conferences.

With 15 years in the healthcare and risk management industry, Dr. Duncan has reduced claim losses via enterprise risk management and human resources. Dr. Duncan currently teaches MBA/MHA courses and serves as a Subject Matter Expert in Healthcare Economics and a Dissertation Chair for doctoral candidates. In addition, Dr. Duncan currently holds three board of director positions with three non-profit organizations. He also provides professional and financial mentoring to small Black businesses and households aligned with his vision, The Mahogany Legacy Project.